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Having worked with and treated greater than 5,000 patients over the last 20 years

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You never know how far reaching the things you say or do today will effect the lives of millions tomorrow
— B.J. Palmer - Developer of Chiropractic

What We've Achieved

  • Successfully derived SVF (stromal vascular fraction) mesenchymal stem cells for the deployment in arthritic joints and through IV applications
  • 6 Office locations to better serve the Northwest
  • IRB status. In partnership with Cell Surgical, we are included in a large clinical trial regulated by the FDA to collect data and report outcomes
  • Regular training for the deployment of adult stem cells for a variety of conditions
  • Partnership with Predictive Biotech for the latest research and innovative techniques for amniotic and cord derived stem cells for use in arthritic joints and tissues 
  • Partnership with Cells On Ice for the cryo-preservation of adult harvested stem cells for future use
  • A team of doctors, nurse practitioners and medical assistants to ensure highest quality services available
  • Regular seminars to keep the community informed on the latest achievements in stem cell therapy