Stem cells driving my vacation!

Janet at 87 years young wanted to go on a 3 month vacation but because of her ailing knees she's put it off. Sound familiar?


She decided to have her stem cells injected into the right knee only,  to see if it would work.  

Now here's the concern I get a lot. She was hesitant to use her stem cells, as her stem cells are 87yrs old!  

But here's the important part, no they're not 87 years old. They're days old... not 87 years old, true they won't have the same vitality as someone half her age, but they will still do the job. Yes, even at 87 years old.  

3 month update : 

Janet was so impressed with the results, she's booked her 3 month vacation and wants to do the left knee ASAP as she's leaving in one month to Italy for her 3 month vacation.  

Congratulations Janet, enjoy your vacation.