Where do you get your stem cells from?

We offer two options for stem cell therapies. Our most popular are the stem cells harvested from your own fat. We call this adipose derived adult stem cells. Fortunately one of the most abundant sources of these stem cells are readily available from the spare tire most of us have around the middle. It does require a mini liposuction procedure that is mostly painless and quick. This fat is then taken to our lab for separation of stem cells from the fat. It takes about an hour and then is immediately injected into the ailing knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, wrist, thumb or most any joint that has become arthritic and painful.  


There are a few conditions that make the adipose derived stem cells not an option for some individuals. For these folks we use a product combination of amniocyte and corecyte from Predictive Biotech.   These products contain harvested placental and amniotic tissues as well as stem cells from the umbilical cord at scheduled C section births. These tissues are harvested by tissue banks that are federally regulated and heavily screened for purity and safety. These products are then injected into the ailing joints.  

I'm often asked why we don't use bone marrow stem cells.   Bone marrow stem cells are wonderful and are very useful for different types of blood disorders, because this is where blood stem cells originate. But when we are talking about cartilage repair and regrowth, the stem cells from fat are much more capable as they more readily possess that potential already more so than bone marrow. This apparent supremacy of the fat derived stem cells has also been seen in recent studies throughout the world. This can be researched yourself on Pubmed.