What about spine and nerve problems?

Who doesn't like to hear a great success story.  Norma came to us with debilitating lower back pain and leg pain from the sciatic nerve all the way down to her toes.  She had a previous surgery 4 years ago that didn't help and now they're saying she needs another one.  She saw our advertisement and decided to consult with us.  After reviewing her MRI we were able to locate the pain generators.  We opted to focus the stem cells in those areas that needed healing and repair, not to be sliced and diced with a scalpel. 

We extracted her fat, gathered her stem cells and deployed them to the areas of her spine where the healing was needed.

c arm.jpg

The procedure went as planned and this is her latest email to us here at the office.

"Happy to announce I am already feeling the benefits of my procedure!! Praise my Lord! Today is day 7 (I'm counting Friday too) and I have had no pain in my body. Little spasms here and there but nothing too intolerable in comparison to before. You all did an AMAZING job with me and I am proud to share it with my friends and family!! 

-Norma C.