Dr Charles Nemeroff "You infuse these cells, and they literally go to the hot spots, your knee, your chest."

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Dr. Charles Nemeroff, Director of the University of Miami Center on Aging and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at University of Miami, Speaking about the use of mesenchymal stem cells intravenously administered.  As described in his interview with Psychiatric Times. He touched on a variety of subjects related to depression, in addition he lauded the benefits of intravenously administered stem cells as he has witnessed for patients.  Although it is not condoned by the FDA, FDA Chairman Dr Gottlieb has agreed to not interfere with offices that adhere to good, sterile procedures for the next 3 years at which time it is anticipated that this practice will be legally considered a "drug" therapy.  This would mean that the same rigorous rules applied to a new drug would also be applied to stem cell therapy.  However, given that drug companies can not patent this procedure (it's an all natural procedure), they really can't make any money here which means no money to pay for the rigorous and extremely expensive laboratory testing.  Being in the 100's of millions of dollars it is unlikely any local clinic will be funding it.  It will likely mean leaving the US in order to use your own cells to heal yourself.  It is no doubt the drug companies pressure on the FDA that will likely win in the courts.

We can't have people side stepping the pharmacy and healing themselves now can we, that would be horrible - insert huge sarcasm here.

Although stem cell therapy is still evolving, the next ten years are going to be exciting. With billionaires getting older, you watch... they're dumping their own money into biotech to find the fountain of youth.  Follow the link below: