Adult or youth stem cells best?


A common question patients have when inquiring about stem cell therapy is whether or not their stem cells are still any good?  This is a very good question when your 78 years old and thinking your cells are too old to regenerate.  The industry standard is to use a common sense opinion and say well, yes... if your older then your stem cells are older and less viable, less enthusiastic, less capable.  But, a recently published paper in the Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine may change that opinion.  When cells are harvested from an elderly patient and then through an new process converted back to a pluripotent stem cell (iPSC), they appear to be as viable, as enthusiastic and capable as that of an embryo.  The reason we get older and heal slower, is not because our cells are weaker, it is because we simply don't have as many stem cells.  And that's exactly why we concentrate them in mass quantities for our therapy. That's amazing.