Gene editing and higher intelligence

Who would have thought editing a piece of DNA that God created or billions of years created might cause some problems, Huh?

It turns out it's not as easy as it was made out to be.  Now scientists admit it's difficult to simply cut out the exact area of mutated DNA, and in fact often thousands of DNA base pairs are often edited out by mistake rendering the cell lifeless.

Sorry, but this gene editing stuff is a long ways off before real DNA editing for the public ever sees the light of day, if at all.  This is an area that requires decades of research in order to perfect and prove safe.  We already have a product on the market by Novartis for cancer therapy when they manipulated an immune cell (CAR-T cell therapy) to target cancer cells.  Although it's not gene editing, it is manipulating the cell with a virus.  Not only is it potentially wrought with side effects, it's not that financially successful and with a price tag of $475,000 per treatment?  

Pharmacy is still trying desperately to cling to it's massive control over healthcare and delivery.  But, it's getting much harder as newer techniques of working with the regenerative cells of the body holds great promise and is succeeding to help patients get well utilizing their own recuperative powers.  To be continued...