Repair your heart - with your cells

More advancements in the field of cardiology as it relates to regeneration are not only on the horizon, but seeing success in clinical practice today.

Recently, scientists have had great success with introducing induced stem cells in the treatment of heart failure in monkeys.  I knew this would be successful, we have seen it happen dozens of times in our offices.  Patients come in with an orthopedic condition that we accept for treatment, and at the consultation we learn they also have a heart condition, ie congestive heart disease or heart failure.  This in itself is not a contraindication, but a side note.  However, it is common for these patients to improve in heart function, verified by their cardiologist when repeat ejection fraction is looked at in a routine check up, most likely from the IV portion of the treatment.  We had a patient, Don, a retired executive who discontinued most all activity do to his heart condition.  He explained that his LVEF (left ventricular ejection fraction) had been hovering around 45% for the last 6 months, down from 55% the year prior.  We treated his knee condition with SVF and an IV.  It wasn't a month later when we checked up on him that he explained that his LVEF had gone up to 60% and his cardiologist was in disbelief.  He had actually repaired his heart.  This is not an uncommon story by the way.  This is common place for physicians practicing regenerative medicine.  Although not approved for heart failure by the FDA, it is non-the-less working.  

Some feel it is do to the differentiation of the stem cells into cardiac cells, others are not so sure.  I feel after reading several case studies, research studies along with animal models, the main reason for the improvement is the secretory extracellular vesicles that are relaying the messages of repair. This is the most likely cause of improvement, as the stem cells when administered IV are not going to reach the cardiac cells in a great enough abundance to really have a dramatic presence.  However, the extracellular vesicles (EV's - the regenerative signaling of the stem cell) will be secreted by these infused stem cells in the billions.

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