Pro Athletes and Injuries


Professional athletes are heavily invested in their bodies, after all it's that body and their determination that got them where they are.  But once they enter the big leagues, it's a team of professionals that will try and protect that franchise player.  

It's becoming obvious that surgery is a one way trip to the bench on "injured reserve" and the remainder of their career in question.  Where there is a problem, a solution is bound to appear.

Enter stem cell therapy - more and more athletes are trusting their own bodies to heal and mend their injuries, taking great steps to explore these modern cell therapies.  Extracting and isolating the bodies own healing cells called stem cells is increasingly being utilized as an alternative to surgery and for good reason.  It's working!  

Check out the list here (Courtesy Cade Hildreth of BioInformant) of the latest list of professtional athletes choosing stem cell treatments over surgery to heal their injuries.  


Dr Bean