Yes, your 4 legged family members can benefit from stem cell treatments


I am often asked if we can treat their 4 legged family members, and I'm always glad to hear they have an interest in preserving the quality of life of their pets.  However, this does need to be performed by a veterinarian who has the experience working with animals.  Vet-Stem is a national network of veterinarians who are qualified to perform stem cell therapy for your animals.  

A recent article was just published in WebMD endorsing cell therapy for animals and I felt it was a positive article.  With the success rate at 88% for joint problems, that's even a bit better than we are getting clinically in our office.  It appears animals respond even slightly better than us humans.  

Feel free to leave comments on your experience with stem cell therapy on your family pets.  

Be Well,

Dr Bean