Cancer Cells are manipulating you


Once again, it has been shown in this article from Penn State U cancer cells are very manipulative.  Their cellular communication is quietly telling your T cells to take a nap.  Unfortunately this is allowing the cancer cells to flourish.  There have been a couple drugs introduced (immunotherapy) in order to activate the T cells, however once again we're talking about 100's of thousands of dollars with mixed results.  If you review the cellular profile of exosomes from mesenchymal stem cells isolated from umbilical cord blood, it would be plausible that the intravenous deployment of these exosomes may help activate the T cells, with the addition of stem cell deployment.  Theoretically this could be a wonderful alternative to traditional cancer treatments at a fraction of the costs.  Remember, this is a theoretical construct.  Don't try this at home, consult with your physician before jumping into such a treatment regimen.  


Dr Bean