Have we found the answer to MS? - Stem Cells


Multiple Sclerosis is a devastating auto-immune disease that can disable and cripple millions of Americans every year. In 75% of the cases, it is the remitting and relapsing type. In this form of MS, it is extremely frustrating for the patients as they never know what function of their body it is going to effect next, anything from loss of vision to loss of the ability to walk and it’s completely random.

Recently more and more research is pointing to the stem cell therapy as being the closest thing to a cure. In this video link above you’ll see an account of two women who responded well and off all MS medications.

At our office we are also conducting case studies to learn the effects of stem cell therapy on a number of different auto-immune conditions such as MS.

Call today and lets discuss your specific condition and see if you might be a good candidate for our program.

-Dr Bean