Dr. Bean’s PP Diet (Protein and Productivity)

The battle of the bulge, and the battle of wasted time is alive and well.  The citizens of this great country are suffering from prosperity and it’s killing us, one spoonful at a time and one social media swipe at a time.

I have a simple solution.  It’s simple and is supported by a growing body of scientific studies on the 16/8 intermittent fasting diet. (16hr fasting / 8hr eating window) Don’t try to over-complicate it.  Just do this Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday:

In the morning – hit the gym, get in some mild cardio to get the heart and pulse rate going and loosen up those joints.  Then, transition into some strength training to maintain lean muscle mass.

Then - Skip breakfast, if you’re a morning coffee drinker like 1 billion other people are, go ahead and if you’re a full sugar vanilla late’ kind of person it will affect your results, but you’ll still get them.

Next - Between 12pm - 1pm get 20 to 30 grams of protein in you.  That could be beans, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds, chicken, beef or a combination of them all, but I would recommend plant based proteins over animal.  The bottom line is to get 20-30g of protein.  And don’t get weird here, look up the amount of protein per serving of each of these and you can figure out how much of it you need to eat to get 20-30g of protein.  Don’t worry about the fat content, it doesn’t matter at all. 

Then – don’t eat again until that evening, ideally around 8:30pm.  “But you shouldn’t eat just before you go to bed, right?”  Wrong.  If you eat a big meal and go to bed an hour later, I promise you’ll sleep like a baby.  It’s natures best remedy for insomnia I’ve ever seen.  You’ll get a good insulin spike from your meal and then when it all comes crashing down 30 minutes to an hour or so later, nighty night.

Does this mean you’ll get hunger pangs during mid-day?  You sure will, but don’t give up and for many the hunger doesn’t hit until about 4 or 5pm and if you absolutely have to… have a light snack, it’s okay.  Give it a week or two.  You’ll get used to it and eventually it’s a breeze.  In the beginning, I do think it is a good idea to have an emergency stash of alternatives to food.  Like… chewing gum, coffee no cream or sugar, non-calorie drinks, tea, sugar free sports drinks.  You get the idea, something that’s not going to give you an insulin spike.  If you eat anything or drink sugar you get insulin and in the world of weight-loss that’s bad – the whole idea here is to have very little insulin in your system for up to 16 hours.  In just those 16 hrs. after your evening meal and before your following day afternoon meal, your body will be burning through your glucose reserves, exhausting them to the point of fat burning and beginning some amount of autophagy – google it.  Starting the day with exercise and waiting until approx 1pm for 20-30g protein gives you the opportunity to keep insulin low all throughout the majority of your last 16 hours.

Remember, insulin is your fat storage hormone.  So, if your afternoon protein meal and your evening meal are the only 2 times of the day that your insulin is significantly elevated, you can’t go wrong!

As far as your evening meal and what to eat?  I don’t care.  Obviously, the closer you stick to a healthy Mediterranean diet, or DASH diet, or plant-based diet the better you’re going to do.  Remember to eat your vegetables and fruits (ideally berries) first and as much as you can before the protein and carb intake.  And remember to go easy on the refined processed carbs if you can, go for the complex carbs, ie. vegetables and whole grains. 

With this kind of a program you are set up for success to manage and maintain your weight.  In the beginning you’ll lose all kinds of weight, it will just melt off magically overnight.  Over time the weight loss will slow after a few months of doing this.  Eventually when you’re thin, your body will simply be adapted to eating this way and you’ll love the way you look.

I love this routine.  It makes for such a productive day. I don’t have to use my morning time to go look for food – I can sit quietly with a cup of herbal tea and plan my day. I can work right through my morning without taking time to eat.  When you take food out of the equation from your morning, it opens a whole world of possibilities.

Instead of foraging through the fridge for food or hitting the drive thru and chowing down on some breakfast burrito in the parking lot, you may go for a walk instead listening to some audio-books, return some emails, get your car washed or heaven forbid… actually plan your day, week, month, year and life.  The point is, you’ll not only be more productive throughout your week, you’ll look good while doing it.

Word of caution:  If your routine is to going out to breakfast with co-workers chowing down on donuts and coffee.  Find new friends or get them all on the same routine – you simply won’t be able to maintain this lifestyle if everyone around you is pigging out in the morning. 

So what about Tue/Thur/Sat/? Simply eat your 3 typical meals with in-between snacks and no fasting period. I don’t recommend the above fasting schedule to be a daily routine. Your body is constantly looking to stay efficient, very efficient. If you continue intermittent fasting on a daily basis, it will become less effective with time. Your body will adapt to intermittent fasting and your results will wane. Keep the body guessing with intermittently applying, intermittent fasting.

Good Luck!


Dr Robert Bean