Our Facilities

In order to take part in the established IRB through the FDA, we are a fully equipped office, following established protocols with the ability to perform all necessary procedures in a sterile environment.

Conveniently located near the Salt Lake City airport

Conveniently located near the Salt Lake City airport


Taylorsville, Ut

At this location we are able to meet with you to discuss your unique concerns, complete a thorough examination including ultrasound and x-rays if necessary.  We are able to provide all stem cell therapies except those requiring fluoroscope guidance procedures from this location.  Advanced procedures are performed in our Murray location 4 miles away.



The majority of our procedures in Utah are performed at this location including all procedures that involve our mini-liposuction or bone marrow procedures.  A fully equipped lab is present for processing of the fat and or bone marrow material, as well as the C-Arm (fluoroscope) for x-ray guided injections.  All spine procedures are also performed here.