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Stem Cell therapy is helping thousands of people around the world and is now available here in the US.  See what others are saying.


Donna Sackett

5 days ago

I have experienced great relief with stem cell therapies under the direction of Dr. Robert Bean and his team at IMC. I was dealing with constant pain in my knees, hips, and back from degenerative conditions and injuries. From the beginning, Dr. Bean has been supportive and responsive to all my concerns and questions.

In October, I had the liposuction procedure to harvest Adipose-Derived stem cells from the fat in my back for stem cell treatment and banking. My first stem cell injections were focused on my knees. The relief is remarkable with notable regeneration. The additional support from Dr. Tran from the HealthQuest Chiropractic side of the team has brought more relief through chiropractic, exercise and strengthening.

Today, I experienced my second set of injections, focused on my lower back. Again, Dr. Bean and his team were professional and supportive. I am looking forward to more positive outcomes.

Thank you Dr. Bean, Dr. Tran, Clark, Dr. Christiansen, Dr. Saunders and the IMC Team!!

—Donna :)


Selia not only had her knees back in good repair she had an exciting side benefit.


Donna S. shares her experience.


Dori monson    56yrs

After a successful stem cell procedure at our affiliate Seattle clinic, you can often hear Dori lauding his exemplary results using our stem cell protocols on his syndicated radio show on 97.3 FM Kiro Radio


Steve G. shares his experience


Norma A Campos

Stem cell therapy was a BLESSING!! It was to specifically treat my herniated disk and sciatic nerve pain but it healed more than that!! It healed and gave me LIFE!!! It woke me up from the dead and revived me with a PUMP of good health. No back pain! No sciatic pain! No migraines! No skin sensitivity! No passing out spells! I could laugh again! I could enjoy a walk without pain! Im putting exclamation marks because I am yelling of joy!! It was worth every penny… Its easy to get in debt for a car or credit card but what about our health? It should be worth all the money in the world.

I pray daily that those cells that were put in me still continue to heal me as I am not free of fibromyalgia and the symptoms are still there. Absolutely not the way they were, to the point of debilitating me 100% but they are there. One mountain at a time as long as my God allows me the strength to climb I will keep pushing on and moving forward one step at a time until I arrive to the hill top. Climbers take years of training before deciding which mountain they will conquer and they start small and move their way upward till they feel ready and capable to set the goal and make it a reality. I too am setting goals and starting small as I have many mountains to conquer.

I Love You All,

Norma A Campos


Noel Villarreal53yrs

The Stem Cell injection procedure has seemed to alleviate pain in my knee.  I was having pain just walking at a normal pace.  Now I can walk on the tread mill with increasing pace.  If the stem cells continue to heal my medial meniscus tear, I hope I can return to my former activities of running and skiing.  I am very happy I decided to have the stem cell injection.


Ronald wong     73yrs

The Stem Cell therapy works great.  For me I had my doubts at the beginning but a few months after the treatments I can walk without much pain and without my cane!  I followed the Dr's instructions and it worked wonders!